Friday, November 4, 2011

The Importance of Watermarking Photos

This weekend I was going to try to finish up some projects and update the blog with crafty goodness. BUT I read House of Hepworths blog post from Monday about why she puts her logo on all her photos (read about it here). She is a fantastic blogger and I love reading about what she has been up to and all the insanely creative ideas she has.

Reading that post I have decided that I need to go through my blog and replace ALL the pictures I have with adjusted ones. I just figured out how to do this with my PhotoShop, but it is still taking some time, so bear with me as photos disappear and reappear. With the increasing craze over Pinterest, it's easy for someone to "pin" an image and not give credit to the original source (ie Googling a picture and giving Google as the source for the picture). If you're on Pinterest, and know how it works, please take the time to giving credit where credit is due and linking your pins to the original source.

Other than all this, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I will be going up to Fresno with my Aunt Chrissy to visit my cousin TC in the hospital. For those of you who don't know me personally, he was in a really bad accident last weekend and was airlifted to two different hospitals (finally ending up in Fresno). I can't really share with you the extents of his injuries though. He has been in-and-out of surgeries, under a medically induced coma to help with pain, and has finally gotten his intubation tube out I believe. He will have to learn to walk again, but all signs point to the fact that he will be fine and with extensive physical therapy will be back to normal. I love my cousin (he's 22), but once he starts feeling better and can get around well, I'm kicking his butt for scaring the crud out of me and being stupid. Just like we were kids.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Night

Halloween was fun this year because Boog was really into it. He had spent the entire week leading up to last night saying "Trick or Treat" and "Happy Halloween".

This is the kids at Trunk Or Treat on Friday....They had a lot of fun hanging around their cousins and playing with other kids!

Halloween Night

I may be kind of biased but Belly is the cutest Belle EVER!

And somewhere along the way Boog acquired a third eye for his Pirate Eyepatch
"I a Pirate! Aaaarrrrrrr!"

He's the most handsomest (is that a word?) pirate in the world!

The kids had tons of fun Trick or Treating around the neighborhood. I had my cousin and her 3 year old son go with us (he'd never been Trick or Treating before!). The boys held hands walking together (so cute!) so I could push Belly in the stroller. 
Is it just me, or are there less houses who pass out candy than when I was a kid? I think we only got candy from about 12 houses, if that. Not complaining about that too much, since the kids don't really need that much candy, but it still makes me saddened to see so many people forgoing this holiday.

But this brings me to my rant. If any of this fits you, I'm sorry.... These are just my personal opinions, not meant to offend anyone.

  1. If you're old enough to dress "sexy"'re probably too old to be Trick or Treating. I quit going when I turned 14. But if you MUST go, Please! don't crowd the little ones who were already at the door! I can't tell you how many times my kids were bombarded by high schoolers...Wait until little kids are out of the way, and THEN proceed to the door. Please and thank you.
  2. If you have scary elements at your house and you're waiting at your door for the Trick or Treaters (and you can SEE them coming)  DON'T drop the huge scary spider on the little kids! A lady did this to my kids. It scared Boog  and he ended up backing into the stroller and falling down. Her response? "Well I guess I shouldn't do that to the little ones!" No, duh! As we walked away and some more little kids go up, she does it again. This time one of the kids is crying. Really? She didn't learn her lesson the first time?
  3. If you are sending your kids out Trick or Treating, it would be REALLY NICE if you passed out candy too. If you are out with the kids, that's fine. Pass some out when you get home. Last year we had walked up to a house where SIX kids were leaving the of them told us "Don't go up there, we're not handing out candy." Hmmmm.
  4. If you're not wearing a costume, you shouldn't get candy at all. It's kind of like going to a random stranger's house on any random day, ringing their doorbell and then telling them to give you candy. Just because. It's Halloween folks! Dress up if you're going out! I especially dislike it when those of high school age come to the door with no costumes on. If they took the time to get dressed up, I won't begrudge them some candy. I may be kind of iffy in wanting to give them some, but I'll give it nonetheless. Don't come to my door with your regular clothes on and when I ask you what you're supposed to be, tell me "Uh.......popular?"
That's all I have for now. I could probably think of more, but I really don't think you want to see EVERYTHING I have to say. So I'll just leave it at these four things.

Hope you all had a wonderful time either Trick or Treating, passing out candy, or going to a local "Safe Halloween" event!