Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summertime Fun: Painting on Rocks

The house we moved into has a TON of rocks lining the front walk way. Monkey#1 has had an obsession with rocks for almost two years now, so he is in Rock Heaven! Yesterday afternoon, after having breakfast on the patio, the kids and I painted on rocks. I took them out to the front and let them choose some rocks, then I set them up in the backyard.

My son was way more into this project than my daughter, she liked painting on the paper instead of the rocks.

These are the ones Monkey#1 painted (later on that evening while we were in the backyard he was telling me what they were: Daisy, an elephant, Chica-from the "Sunny Side Up Show" , and a dinosaur...all complete with sound effects :) )

Monkey #2's painted rocks...She still had fun and really wanted to play with them that second, but I told her they had to dry first. Yeah, right...Have you ever tried telling a 2 year old to be patient? :)

I think this is where she decides it would be a good idea to eat the paint off the brush....NOT Yummy!

My ladybug. 
Not perfect, not original, don't judge me!

Monkey#1 taking my ladybug rock for a flight around the backyard

I love having a backyard again. One that my kids (Daisy included) can run around in and one that we can sit on the patio and do crafts. I see much more projects in the near future! 

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