Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spring Circle Garland

A year ago I made a bunch of party decorations for a wonderful friend of mine. One of my favorite things had to have been the garlands. They were really easy to make and turned out super cute!

Things you need:
Colored cardstock (4 colors)
Circle cutter (I use my Martha Stewart one) 
24 Star beads
yarn (a healthy length!)
Glitter glue (or just glitter)
Long needle
Cutting mat (mine is atrociously dirty, someday I’ll get around to cleaning it off a bit)

Using your circle cutter, cut out about 12- 2 ½ inch circles per color of cardstock.

 Fold each circle in half.

Then glue four circles together, but try to avoid gluing in the center as much as possible because you’ll need your needle to slide through easily.

Do this until you have used all of your circles. You can do one, two, or four different colors per “ball” that you make. Mix it up and have fun! Once the glue is dry, thread your needle with the ribbon. Make a knot at one end (either a complete knot, or one with a loop on it if you will be hanging it from a nail or thumbtack) Thread one of the star beads and glue in place.

 Then thread through the center of one of the balls.

 Add another bead and glue in place making sure to secure the balls in place between the beads.

Thread another bead and repeat, but make sure there is space in-between (about 2 inches) from the last ball. Keep threading until all of the 12 balls and 24 beads are used. Take off the needle and make the same knot as the other end.  What about the glitter glue you ask? Okay, okay, the glitter glue is used on the lines formed when you folded the circles.

 You can use whatever color you want to; I prefer to use clear so that way I don’t have to switch a bunch of times, but it’s totally okay if you want to! Just apply the glitter glue (or use regular glue and sprinkle on glitter) to the creases on all the circles. Once the glitter glue is dry, you’re ready to hang! This could easily be tweaked to make a super cute mobile or as a couple hangings in your kids’ rooms/office, just adjust the length of the yarn.

Project Level: Easy-Peasy

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  1. How cute and what a fun way to decorate for a certain color or themed party... You are so creative.


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