Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Tuesday Thrift Finds!

Since it has started to get a little bit chilly, I went through the kids' clothes taking out stuff that was too small and taking inventory on how much Winter-y type clothing they had. M#1 has tons of clothes.....M#2 on the other hand, does not. My poor baby girl :(

This morning we set out to Goodwill down the street. The hubs usually goes in there everyday after work just to see if they had gotten anything new and super in. That man has found some pretty amazing things in there...including clothes for me! He has a great sense of style, seriously.

Here are a couple finds he picked up:


He's pretty awesome!
Ok, enough bragging about my fashionable husband....here's what I scored today:

Alright, so the lace wasn't exactly on my shopping list, but it is something that I have told myself to keep a look out for. This baggie had lots of lace scraps and trims....and I have the perfect idea for using some of it! *hint, hint, I'll post that project when its finished :)*

I got out of there in 15 minutes and my damage:

 Not bad! However I think I still need to get more pants for Monkey#2. 

What have been some of your favorite thrifty finds?

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