Sunday, October 30, 2011

This is Halloween, this is Halloween!

Halloween is tomorrow and I'm JUST NOW getting around to posting my mantle??? Wow, get it together Nichole!

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday to decorate for. I love putting spiderwebs all over the bushes, carving pumpkins, cutting out paper ghosts to tape on my windows....Ok, y'all get the point. I love it :)

These three wooden pumpkins I picked up at Rite-Aid. Everything was 50% off for Fall items, making them $1.24 each.

This pumpkin was another Rite-Aid clearance item. Originally $7.99, I got it for $3.99. I used my stash of black buttons and hot glue to spell out "Boo" and added a skeleton on top.

The R.I.P. sign was a door hanging I got at Michael's Arts and Crafts last year for $4.99(?). This year I took off the wire hanger and put it on the mantle instead. The white vase is one I already had, I just added some black ribbon, paired with orange polka dotted ribbon, and made a black felt flower with orange stone accent. The branches were free from the dead bush outside our front door.

The black frame is from the 99Cents Only store. I printed out the image off of Google onto a page out of Anne Rice's "Blood and Gold" (my book got damaged in a flood at our storage place). The glass jars are old. I just printed out the labels from another site I found off of Google (if I can figure out where they came from I will post up the link). For the Vampire Blood jar, I just put water in with some red food coloring.  The Skeleton bowl is a candlestick with a bowl hot glued on top; purchased at the Dollar Tree. Filled with Spanish moss, one full skeleton, and another skeleton broken into pieces (all purchased at the Dollar Tree). Tied a black ribbon around the candlestick.

"Witches Way" signage from the Dollar Tree. The ghost with the pumpkins is from Avon; he lights up and changes colors. I nabbed him from my wonderful mother when I moved out almost eight years ago. And another skeleton (comes in a pack of 4- they are supposed to be a garland, but I pieced them apart).

This bunting is not exactly an original....I saw it while looking around on Pinterest (you know, that place that sucks you in longer and faster than Facebook? You can follow me here). The one I was looking at was made out of scrapbook paper (check hers out here); I liked the idea of it, but I wanted mine to be more durable, so I opted to use felt instead.

 I think it turned out cute :)

Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween!

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  1. Wonderful mantel decor! I decorated my mantel last weekend but haven't posted it yet, and yikes, Halloween is tomorrow. Love your felt banner.


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