Saturday, December 10, 2011

12 Days Of Pinterest: Day 1: Button Tree!


DAY 1:
One of the first images I pinned was this amazing button tree...It was created by a married couple in Melbourne, Australia named Kim and Jodi Wiley. Together they are the masterminds behind Art by Wiley and they sell these fantastic button tree creations on their Etsy (It's closed until further notice right now, but I sure hope it opens back up again, because their button art is fabulous!).

Besides their button trees (which are ALL freakin' fantabulous!) they do some pretty amazing canvas paintings. So go over and leave them some love!

Ok, now on to what I made with their button tree as inspiration!
I didn't have any canvas on hand, and I COULD have waited to go to Michael's to pick one up, but I just didn't feel like it and HAD to make the button tree, like That second! So I took one of my busted picture frames and used the cardboard backing; Boog and Belly "helped" me paint it white.  After they went down for a nap, I lightly penciled my tree shape and then painted it in with brown. When the paint was all dry, I took a can of clear spray paint and gave it a "once over" so it would get a nice glossy look to it. Then raided my button stash for green buttons. 
I wasn't entirely happy with it until I added the brown corduroy ruffles along the edge to frame it. For now it hangs above the couch in our living room, but as soon as I come up with something better to fill that huge space, it'll be moved elsewhere. 

If you haven't visited Pinterest, you really should. It's open to the public to look around, but in order to "pin" anything for yourself, you have to join. Which requires an invitation. Which sometimes takes a few days to get accepted. But it's worth it I promise!

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