Sunday, December 11, 2011

12 Days Of Pinterest: Day 2: Mug Cozy!

DAY 2:
Mug Cozy

Sorry for not having this posted earlier! One of the fuses in our house blew and I just got the internet back up and running!
Since I'm going for a handmade Christmas this year, I saw this adorable mug cozy on Pinterest and thought that it would be perfect for my big sister, April because she always has a cup of hot tea in her hand. 

The mug cozy pictured above was made by Jill McNamara and sold in her Etsy Shop, FabulousFabulous. She's on vacation from her Etsy shop right now, but be sure to check back with her later :)

My original intentions was to make my cozy two sided, but it would have been too chunky and lumpy, so I made two different ones. 

The first one is a gray felt piece with a hot pink "A" (with white embroidery floss stitching) and a bunting made of felt triangles and light blue ric-rac. 
The second is a blue felt piece with yellow, pink and purple flowers, edged with embroidery floss and rhinestones hot glued for the centers. Then I just added some embroidery floss swirls for more "pizazz". 
They are both supposed to grab onto the mug by stretching the elastic bands over the buttons.

I love how mine turned out! However, I think Jill's is about 500 million times cuter! But she's a professional and has probably made them about a hundred times.

I would love to see how you all are putting your Pinterest "pins" to use!

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