Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12 Days of Pinterest: Day 4: Pleated Headbands!

DAY 4:
Pleated Headbands!

Thank goodness none of my family is on here, because I'm revealing more handmade Christmas gifts today! 
The headbands were created by Jess of the Uber creative blog, Craftiness is not Optional. You can find her tutorial here. She has tons and I mean TONS of super cute and easy to follow tutorials on her blog. There's no shortage of awesomeness on her site folks!

Ok, so here are her headbands....are they not incredibly adorable?!?!

As soon as I saw these beauties, I knew I HAD to make some for the little girls in our lives! So off to Beverly's I went, and I picked out a couple different fabrics that I thought would be really cute.
For Christmas I made a total of 14; 10 of them with the patterned fabrics, 4 with denim cut from jeans.

I didn't follow Jess' exact tutorial though. I nixed the interfacing, and used two pieces of fabric instead. One longer, one shorter. I ironed a hem on all four sides on the longer piece first, then made the pleats and ironed those. Once the first piece was done, I ironed the hems on the smaller fabric piece to the size of the longer one. Then I took elastic and sandwiched it between the two fabric pieces and sewed along the edges.
Some of the headbands I sewed a middle seam, most I didn't. Then hand sewed on cute buttons from my stash.
Oh, and mine are shorter than Jess' are; she made hers long enough to circle most of the head. Mine are only about 3-4inches long.

I just took a picture of a few of them.

Are you all ready for Christmas? 12 more days!!!!

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