Sunday, December 18, 2011

12 Days of Pinterest: Day 8: Zipper Necklace!

DAY 8:
Zipper Bracelets

It took me some time to find the original source for this super cute bracelet. The one I had pinned was a version of someone else's, so I had to track her down! Rae is one of a ton of crafty people on "Cut Out + Keep", a website that lets its users share their DIY projects and create new virtual friendships. Here is a picture of one of Rae's fabulous zipper bracelets:

Super cute, right?

No way I'm going to top hers!
Since I have this REALLY long green zipper (20"), I decided to make a necklace instead.
I just added ribbon clamps to the ends, used jump rings to connect them to the chain and added beads, a nut, and a mermaid charm.
The thing I like about using the zipper is you can choose where you want the zipper pull. In the middle, near the top left, near the top right....It all depends on how long you want the 2 separated pieces.

Up close of the details:

I like it!
I'll post a full tutorial on this necklace (as well as the tie bracelet from yesterday) when I recover from Christmas!

And can you believe it? Only four more days and I'm done with this series!!!

I had totally meant to do this series in 12 consecutive days, but then I was approached by a client of mine to make some clay necklaces with a Christian theme for her next event this Tuesday, so I've been a busy bee working on those! Now my goal is just to have this series wrapped up before Christmas!

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