Thursday, December 15, 2011

12 Days of Pinterest: Day 6: Jeans into Roads

DAY 6:
Jeans into Roads
We're half way to the end of the series!!!

Over at Lil Mop Top, Jen found a really creative way to keep her little car-loving boy entertained by cutting up an old pair of jeans into road pieces!
 Even though the picture is pretty self-explanatory, you can check out her tutorial.

Since I have a huge surplus of old jeans, this is a good way to put at least one of them to use!

These were so easy to make! And really fast, because I was able to do all of it in one nap-time
Out of just one leg of a pair of black jeans I made 5 long and 1 straight roads, 3 curvy roads, 2 arcs, 1 four-way intersection, and an "L" road. Then I just took some acrylic yellow paint and added lines.

Not bad! If I get around to it, I'll cut up the other leg and make him more...or make it for someone else.

Boog loves it! He was "vroooom"ing around with his cars for quite a while.

Without Pinterest, I probably would never have found this idea! Thanks for blogging it Jen!

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